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Unfair Advantage in an Economic Reset: Software Robots as a Solution

Intelligent Automation is revolutionising how to ensure competitive edge and resilience.

During lockdown, technology has enabled business continuity. Looking ahead, technology will continue to offer opportunities for businesses to capitalise on this new way of working.

As the market is adapting to new conditions, it is vital for businesses to reset their strategy and embrace new technology, to (re)build and grow stronger and better than before. Businesses must create an Unfair Advantage for themselves.

What is your Unfair Advantage?

The COVID-19-affected landscape is characterised by market opportunities and quick changes. With an Unfair Advantage it will be possible for businesses to position themselves over and above the rest of the market, allowing for immediate growth and potential acquisitions.

An Unfair Advantage offers a competitive edge, in which Speed, Cost and Resilience are the key to success.

An Unfair Advantage comes from effective, dynamic, agile, and innovative strategies, which very often lead to process transformation. We believe that such edge will come from deploying a Digital Workforce made of Software Robots (Robotic Process Automation + Artificial Intelligence) which will augment the Knowledge Workforce and take care of all the repetitive, mundane but necessary tasks, which are today, limiting productivity and costs improvement.

What are Software Robots?

Software Robots automate rule-based processes to mimic human actions and execute tasks. Designed to complete vital yet repetitive tasks, Software Robots interact with applications, just as a human would, undertaking tasks error free around the clock, four times faster than humans. Such activities include retrieving information, scheduling and filling in forms.

Software Robots increase the productive capacity of the human workforce through augmentation and automation. By taking over the mundane and repetitive, employees are freed up for high value tasks and responsibilities. In supporting the human workforce, Software Robots elevate the productive capacity of teams and increase staff moral and engagement. Even if a company has a lean workforce, it is possible to still have higher, more accurate outputs.

Industry Leadership with Software Robots

Lockdown has shown us that tools and technologies can quickly redefine our concept of work. Craig Le Claire, an analyst with Forrester Research anticipates that as early as 2025, Software Robots will be fundamental to our Business as Usual activities, with most employees having a personal Software Robot (Craig Le Clair, 2019).

As an industry leader, integrating Software Robots into your infrastructure early, ahead of the competition, will ensure you capitalise on your Unfair Advantage to its full extent.

To maximise the benefits of Software Robots, it is important to pick the right processes to automate. Tony Roupell, Automation Thought Leader at definiti, notes that:

It is vital to measure and benchmark before beginning the automation process. It is then possible to make an informed decision on how best to magnify potential value, and post-transformation, provide performance reports against original benchmarks

Cost Savings this Financial Year

Consider the necessity of data processing. Data processing is fundamental to many business practices, yet is time consuming, tedious, costly and prone to human error. Software Robots offer a 70% reduction in data processing costs and a 99% rate of accuracy, compared with an overseas data entry clerk. Software Robots also ensure a high level of business continuity, with data processing occurring even when clerks are unavailable.

definiti’s Chief Engagement Officer, LJ Launay is passionate about the speed with which Software Robots can make a tangible difference to your bottom line. “Deploying Software Robots now can offer a cost savings in just a few months”, Launay said.

Once viability is determined, it can take just weeks to deploy a Software Robot platform and deploy an automated process which integrates it within current infrastructure.

“This is a cost-effective solution to bolster your business processes right now, allowing you to re-invest in further clever automation to deliver unparalleled outcomes 24/7”, Launay said.

Depending on the processes being augmented and automated, Software Robots offer a 4 to 6-month ROI. definiti’s Chief Executive Officer, Brad Woollett describes Software Robots as a powerful and efficient investment. Software Robots streamline processes, eliminate tedium and ‘busy work’ and offer a quality ROI. “Software Robots are the right move, for ensuring your Unfair Advantage,” Woollett said.

Here is an example of how Software Robots can help IT Administrators process Staff Offboarding in matter of seconds.

Interested in finding out what software robots can do for your business?

Get in touch for an informal chat at or find out more about software robots.


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