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Modern Work

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Definiti can help you get the most out of the MS365 ecosystem, powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

A Modern Workplace is where communication and collaboration technology enable employees to work effectively, from anywhere and at any time.

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Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work is the new remote way of working allowing employees a greater flexibility. With Microsoft Cloud, you can remove barriers and make things easier in your hybrid organisations with solutions such as Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

IT Governance

Minimise risks and enable your organisation to achieve its goals with a thorough IT Governance Framework.

Ensure applications have defined ownership, set up measurement and control mechanisms, establish chains of responsibility, manage document accessibility and more.

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M365 - SharePoint Migration

Move and consolidate all your data from legacy environment to private, public or hybrid cloud. 

Documents, emails, and collaboration tools can be brought together in your new modern workspace to enhance your teams' productivity and employee experience.

When working digitally, the distance to our colleagues or to the resources we need to do our job is better measured in software terms—Are we using the same communication and productivity tools? Are the tools we’re all using compatible?


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Our Other Practices

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Optimise your workforce productivity by leveraging the power of process automation, artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML).

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