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What We Stand For

As a people-first organisation, our culture is a unique blend of our people’s values, beliefs and personalities. We celebrate everyone’s individuality through freedom of expression and encourage our consultants to challenge the status quo. 

Our Values

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Listen, empathise, innovate & adapt.

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Every equation has a problem and a solution. Be a part of the solution.

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For our customers, our partners, our community, our business & ourselves.

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People 1st, mutual respect & caring.

A diverse team of passionate people with a common purpose: to make a significant contribution to your objectives.

Meet the Executive Team

Laurent Launay.png
LJ. (Laurent) Launay
Chief Engagement Officer

Based in Sydney

Brad Woollett.png
Brad Woollett
Chief Executive Officer

Brad lives & works by the Covey & Carnegie principles and strives for the win / win outcome in all engagements. His management experience is broad having worked in mining & manufacturing, broadcasting & communications, and various professional service companies – both large and small - in Australia and overseas.

Brad spends most of his ‘work’ time with clients & colleagues, understanding their business and their challenges, and quite often finding solutions from Definiti’s capability portfolio.

Based in Newcastle

Tony Roupell
Head of Intelligent Process Automation

Tony's creative background and passion for process is motivated by creating time for executives and teams, so that they can reach their goals, focus on the high value tasks and improve their satisfaction.

For the last 20 years, Tony has worked across a wide variety of industries and functions and has a broad depth of advisory and solution development experience across multiple industries and technologies including, Workflow, Business Process Automation and now Robotic Process Automation.

Based in Sydney

David Thomas.png
David Thomas
Chief Technical Officer

David is driven to help people achieve through creating software solutions that matter. For our clients, this means delivering intelligent software solutions that bring innovation, improve productivity and profitability, and empower workers. At the heart of these solutions, is a great user experience and a quality product.


David has over 30 years experience delivering software solutions across a range of industries, with a strong background in document management, intranets and data-based applications.

Based in Newcastle

L.J.'s obsession for contributing to 
people success using intelligent and innovative technologies, is a significant motivation behind building relationships, partnerships and the growth of definiti as a true People First Technology Firm.

L.J. comes from a System Software Engineer background, with a speciality in Telecommunication, which lead him to be part of the 1st digital mobile revolution called GSM. From there, it has been all about People and how we can all benefit from these technology advancements. 

Meet the Team

Mani Krish.png
Mani Krish
Solution Architect

Ask me about the pitfalls of a SharePoint migration to the cloud and the development of Process Automation solution.

Brett Gross.png
Brett Gross
Enterprise Sales

Ask me about how definiti creates TIME™ and purposely enables clients to do more with less. 

Kris S portrait.jpg
Kris Seneviratne
Solution Architect

Ask me about the advantages of developing business applications using low code workflow, robotics & process automation tools including Nintex / Automation Anywhere platforms.

Esad Ismailov.png
Esad Ismailov

Ask me anything about Governance, Risk, Compliance, Privacy, Information Security and Modern Workplace.

Principal Consultant
Craig Smith.png
Craig Smith
Senior Consultant

Ask me about process automation and process improvement, which leads to faster, more efficient processes and frees up time to tackle those things that matter more.

Elisabetta Scarabelli.png
Elisabetta Scarabelli
Senior Project Coordinator

Ask me about invoicing and time management. Do tell me also how we can book your favourite project team or consultants in a timely manner.

Peter Evans.png
Peter Evans
Solution Architect

Ask me about how automation through the use of proven low-code platforms can free your business from unreliable and time-consuming manual processes.

Tanmoy Das.png
Tanmoy Das
Support Team Lead

Ask me anything about sustainable SharePoint installation, patching, health checks, configuration
and administration.

Elysia  Szentes.png
Elysia Szentes
Senior Consultant

Ask me how to achieve business outcomes by deconstructing business objectives and develop a solution using SharePoint, Nintex, .NET platforms.

Ryan Saffour.png
Ryan Safour
RPA Consultant

Ask me about how software robots can automate mundane tasks to free up time for employees to tackle higher value initiatives.

Qiang Fei.png
Qiang Fei
Support Consultant

Ask me about reactive and pro-active SharePoint / Systems Application
Health Checks and Support.

Jordan Duffield.png
Jordan Duffield
Graduate Developer

Ask me about the training and learning processes of modern web development in a rapidly advancing industry.

Gustav Swedberg.png
Gustav Swedberg
RPA Consultant

Ask me about building easy to use business applications using Microsoft PowerApps and how you can save time by letting software robots do the work.

Rean Naicker.png
Rean Naicker
Solution Architect

Ask me about driving digital transformation across business functions, establishing an automation Centre Of Excellence and automating processes with software robots.

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