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IT Governance

Minimise risks and enable your organisation to achieve its goals with a thorough IT Governance Framework.

IT governance and effective value creation of IT investments is the reason for achieving excellence in the management of IT. By centralising content on a single system and surfacing it across your line of business applications, you make governance efficient, seamless, and automatic. You protect your organisation while allowing employees to focus on growth.

Why IT Governance

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Mitigate Risk

Proactive risk management ensures that IT teams and leadership teams are aware of the risks associated with tools and initiatives and provides the basis to implement risk mitigation strategies.

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Objective and Informed Decision Making

IT Governance allows leadership to actively commit to improving the management and control of IT activities.

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Keep everyone accountable with defined ownership and chains of responsibility. 


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M365 Retention Policies and retention labels are used to prevent the permanent deletion of Office 365 data such as files, documents, or emails. They also ensure that information is stored in the company for the mandated period of time. 

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AvePoint provides a range of solutions to help you automate your operational governance.

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ProvisionPoint 365 enables self-service governance for Microsoft 365 Workspaces and Permissions.

Other Modern Workplace Services

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