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Process Automation decision making with VisibleSky™

Make informed decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data

definiti's own, budget-friendly advisory tool VisibleSky™ helps executives make informed decisions quickly and avoid wasting time & money before embarking on a business process automation journey.

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  • Easily visualise and communicate process automation priorities and value.

  • Use scientifically designed survey to benchmark process effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Ability to interview end-users at scale without creating fear.

  • Fast - Gain visibility of your processes' inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in days, not months.

  • Inexpensive - delivers results without eating into your program of work's budget.

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Focus on the right stuff

By knowing where to start and automating the right processes from the get-go, you shorten the time-to-value. Reduce disruption by engaging employees only on high-return process transformation activity.

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Reduce risk

Uncover the real issues associated with process ineffectiveness and inefficiency at all levels of the organisation.  Reduce risk of not succeeding with the process transformation program of work. 

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Easy internal buy-in

Easily demonstrate to board and execs how process automation can have a positive impact on the balance sheet and show the invisible costs related to process effectiveness.

Featured Case Study

Royal Flying Doctor Service.jpeg

Responding to Need

Royal Flying Doctor Service - South East Section 


Interactive Dashboard

Business intelligence powered dashboard provide an interactive experience.

Scientific and Fast

  • VSKY Score allows the benchmarking of processes' effectiveness and efficiency against other processes.

  • E-survey designed in collaboration with a reputable Australian University.

  • Get the full picture in a matter of days.

Vendor Agnostic

Measure performance of key processes, no matter what technology you are using.

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