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Process Discovery Mapping with Nintex promapp

View, manage, control and check compliance of all your key business processes.

definiti's consultants are experienced Nintex Certified Practioners, so you can get the most value out of Nintex promapp

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  • Simplify process capture and mapping.

  • Powerful knowledge worker and manager engagement.

  • Provide a much easier path to quality control certification. 

  • Centralise all process management review and compliance.

  • Real-time feedback and collaboration.

  • Seamlessly integrate workflow automation with Nintex Workflow Generator.

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Cost Reduction

Identify and remove unnecessary steps.
Optimise resource allocation.
Eliminate paperwork.

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Risk & Compliance

Easily identify late actions, non approvals overlooked tasks and compliance violations.
Enhance visibility and accountability. 
Reduce human error.

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Increased Productivity

Execute with speed and agility
Improve communications.
Eliminate repetitive and manual processes through intelligent automation.
Empower employees to streamline processes.

Enterprises that put processes front and centre consistently outperform those that don’t. They’re quicker to adapt to changing business conditions. They’re more responsive to their customers. And they’re seizing opportunities that are lifting revenue and profitability to a whole new place.

 - Gartner

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Custom Tagging

Fully-configurable #LEAN, #OFI, and #Waste tags allow to control process variations and eliminate inefficiencies.

Lean reporting and real-time recalculations enable better flexibility and accountability.

Create configurable variation lists to standardise your processes across global teams.

Personalised Dashboards

Personalised dashboards are set up to gain total visibility of processes with live state changes and get a real-time process health summary inclusive of team engagement stats and automatic tracking of every existing process.

Process Change Approvals

Approvers, stakeholders, and editors can be configured to approve changes to your process with just one click.
Control points, mandatory sign-offs and escalations can also be established directly from your dashboard.

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