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Enterprise Process Automation
with Nintex K2 Five

Increase effectiveness and efficiency to complex Business Processes Management, quickly and securely.

Automate your business processes with the expertise of our team of Nintex/K2 Certified consultants.

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  • Take control of processes and workflows

    • Improve process performance and status visibility of enterprise-wide processes. 

    • Maintain control and governance over access and data.

  • Create evidence of even the most complex processes with multiple approval delegation levels. 

  • Named users follow up and reporting.

  • Strong fall back capability inline with demanding enterprise grade solution.

  • Rapid deployment using best-in-class low-code platform.  

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Reduce Risks

With Intelligent Automation and automating complex business processes,  your organisation can ensure strong governance over its most critical processes. 

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Time Savings

Get the same amount of work done in less time and with certainty. From anywhere, at anytime.

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Data-based Decision Making

Integrate existing systems and tools into your applications. Gather the data you need to make better decisions.


Built-in Error Resolution

Error resolution handling can be customised for apps with "On Workflow Error" events, empowering teams to specify what action should be taken when an error occurs.

Automated Deployment

Existing CI/CD pipelines can be supported with enhanced capabilities for automated packaging and deployment of K2 Software-based applications and dependent resources.

Style Profile

Style Profile provides a visual design experience for creating customised themes and styles that can be applied to any form, enabling organisations to standardise the look-and-feel of all applications to match corporate brand guidelines or create different looks for each application they build.

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