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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

with Automation Anywhere

Let Machine Learning (ML) extract data from a wide range of complex documents.

Reap the benefits of definiti's local expertise and Automation Anywhere's innovative IDP technology (IQBot) to process intelligently structured and semi-structured data. 

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  • No more manual work spent extracting and entering unstructured data into core systems.

  • When combined with RPA technology, IQBot can perform workflows/tasks seamlessly.

  • Automate in real-time document-based business processes with limited human intervention.

  • Augment knowledge workers by liberating them from dreaded, repetitive tasks.

  • Improve Straight-Through Processing (STP), via continuous Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and powerful analytics.

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Fast ROI

With a 10X faster set-up, powerful Machine Learning and on-demand scalability, your business can achieve ROI in weeks, not years.

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Cost Savings

When your skilled labour focuses only on high value tasks and uses your core systems fully, the SaaS model allows immediate costs savings.

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Employee Satisfaction

When employees don’t have to process data manually, they can do what they do best, use their knowledge for decision making and be happier at work.


Highly Specialised and Business Ready

  • Pre-configured and out-of-box Machine Learning instance.

  • Direct access to more specialised Cognitive Services provided by AWS or Microsoft.  

Smart Data Extraction

  • Developers can modify process workflows to improve extraction with the ability to add custom logic (Python scripts).

  • Extract information from handwritten text (English only) and ID documents.

  • Improve STP (Straight Through Processing) via human feedback.

Intelligent Classification

  • Leverage Machine Learning (ML) to automatically classify and group similar documents. 

  • Separate pages of interest from multi-page documents

  • Process complex tables.

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