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Software Robots Eliminate 'Human Glue' of People Systems

When it comes to the relationship between People and Systems, 'Human Glue' should be eliminated once and for all. Using Software Robots to remove the ‘Human Glue’ across an organisation and augment Knowledge Workers, we can now improve productivity and at the same time increase job satisfaction, all while reducing costs like never before.`

Human Glue

“The more systems we have, the more ‘Human Glue’ we create”.

This is the basis of most process inefficiency. By asking qualified employees to perform mundane and repetitive tasks in front of their computer, we are effectively reducing the meaning of their work and move them into overtime, making employees more like robots.

It is time to “take the robot out of the human” and refocus qualified employees on high value tasks. The solution to delegate these mundane and repetitive tasks, is called Software Robots.

Software Robots

Software Robots is an Intelligent Automation solution that leverages a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with Machine Learning and Cognitive Services capabilities. We “teach” Software Robots to mimic human actions, execute tasks and interact with applications such as Excel and Web Based Core Systems (Payroll, HR, CRM, Finance) just as a human would.

Software Robots can perform tasks and workflows sequentially error-free, nonstop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and do the work ten times faster than humans.

It is incredible to see how your organisational job satisfaction can quickly increase when your Software Robots augment clerical, repetitive and mundane parts of a job.

By executing these low value tasks either on demand or automatically, Software Robots have the capacity to positively transform the modern workforce.

Implementing automation that is ethical and responsible has the ability to free up staff and reconfigure job responsibilities in more meaningful and productive ways, resulting in more fulfilled and happier staff.

LJ Launay, Chief Engagement Officer and Innovator at definiti says: