• Esad Ismailov

From employee engagement to productivity – 5 Microsoft Teams Success Stories

Microsoft Teams is already 5 years old and when it was launched back in 2016 as part of the O365 productivity suite, the intention was to unify chat voice, video, and file sharing. Fast forward to 2022 with more than 250 million monthly active users, Teams has evolved into an integrated technology which provides a centralised user experience working seamlessly with the different products of O365 such as: Microsoft SharePoint, Power Apps, Planner, Office 365 Groups, Bots, Shifts and many more.

With the remote and hybrid work that we are now all so familiar with (courtesy of covid-19), one of my favourite functionalities of Teams video calls is the ability to blur the background, particularly when you are trying to hide that messy bookcase behind you, questionable artwork, or just your kids barging into the room dancing (you might remember the viral video of Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed live on BBC News back in 2017 that gifted the whole world seconds of pure hilarity).

But jokes aside, I often get asked: ‘Can you give me examples of Microsoft Teams success stories?’ or ‘How are organisations successfully adopting MS Teams?’ Success stories powerfully bring to life the benefits of this platform and it is always one of my recommendations to learn from those organisations that lead by example. Here are some of my favourite and most insightful Microsoft Teams success stories.

Success Story 1

Streamlining work and optimising productivity

Iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer has been able to save half a million pounds by streamlining work and optimising employees’ productivity. Initially thought as a mere communication platform, Teams became the ecosystem used to operate the stores, where more than 80 apps are embedded.

When covid hit for example, the store chain used PowerApps to develop an app that, embedded in Teams, helped colleagues count people in and out of a store, keeping track of the reduced capacity.

Another great example, is the People Finder app. With over 70K staff, Marks & Spencer acknowledged that it’s often difficult to connect with the right person. The People Finder app, also developed with Power Apps, gives staff the ability to search for anyone based on store location or role and immediately start a chat or call in Teams.

Full case study HERE and HERE.

Success Story 2

Capitalising on sharing information