definiti, an Evolution or a Revolution?

We are now a H2H organisation.

People 1st, not technology

There is a growing consensus that the Business to Business (B2B) paradigm is simply not enough. 

Listening to the business community , we are now convinced that the most important consideration for success is not technology, it is not necessarily about price or even geography. It is truly about PEOPLE.  

At definiti, we have never felt satisfied with calling ourselves a B2B organisation. And we won’t any more!

We are a Human to Human (H2H) organisation.  

Our prime mission is to ensure that we value people before all else.

Every day, we commit to make you successful.

We care deeply about the value we create for each person we touch, directly or indirectly, with our products and services.   You can find our promise in our new logo: we connect the dots (3) for each person, so that you can safely complete your journey (the circle). The "d", the 3 x "i" (dots) perfectly reflects our continuous motion to delight.  

Don’t hesitate to join us in this H2H movement.