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Reduce Offshore Data Processing reliance.

Data Processing is fundamental to any business. However, being overly reliant on offshore data processing agencies can expose businesses to vulnerability.  

Software Robots (RPA) can mimic human actions to perform tasks rapidly and accurately. They offer a local and reliable solution to data processing and bring data back onshore. Software Robots operate error-free 24/7 and are 4 x faster than humans.


We are currently offering 10 hours of free consulting towards viability and feasibility assessments.






Benefits to date:

  • A 70% reduction in data processing costs compared to an overseas data entry clerk

  • Data processing now occurs 24/7, including weekends with no sick leave

  • High level of business continuity with data processing now occurring even when clerks are unavailable.

  • 6 months ROI



The added benefits have been:

  • Peace of mind with data staying securely in-country

  • Employees experiencing reduced need for supervision

  • Faster automated data processing ensures a higher level of service

  • Data processing is now performed in real time

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Case studies in the USA for the last 2 years: