Eliminate Data Entry tedium.

Data entry is an integral part of any business. However, performing manual data entry is slow, inaccurate and a tedious task for employees. 


Software Robots (RPA) can mimic human actions to perform data entry tasks rapidly and accurately. Software Robots operate error-free 24/7 and are 4 x faster than humans. 


We are currently offering 10 hours of free consulting towards viability and feasibility assessments.





A large partner led organisation.


Benefits realised to date:

  • 94% ($18,000 p/a) cost reduction per data entry task

  • 1,001 total manual hours saved annually

  • Significant improvement in specialised knowledge worker satisfaction


The added benefits have been:

  • Employees are experiencing uninterrupted focus on high value tasks

  • Automated data entry ensures a higher level of service

  • Data entry is now performed 24 hours a day in real time


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2020 client case study