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Liberate your teams from checklists.

Checklists are time-consuming and repetitive necessities to ensure systems are healthy and functioning correctly.


Software Robots (RPA) can mimic human actions to perform system status checks, website and system page clicks as well as extract error message for potential escalation.
Software Robots operate error-free 24/7 and are 4 x faster than humans.

We are currently offering 10 hours of free consulting towards viability and feasibility assessments.




A medium size service desk with six IT support consultants.


Benefits realised so far:

  • 77% cost reduction per checklist task

  • 1,400% increase in checklist performance speed

  • Significant improvement in IT support staff satisfaction


The added benefits have been:

  • Additional system health checks ensure a higher level of service

  • Check lists are now performed after hours and during weekends

  • Employees are experiencing uninterrupted focus on high value tasks


We're here to help.

2020 client case study