defiNET is an intranet accelerator solution based on SharePoint.

DefiNET is an intranet accelerator solution based on SharePoint.

DefiNET delivers the core intranet functionality that is required by most organisations whilst still allowing the flexibility to mould the intranet to meet more specific individual needs.


Why an Intranet?

Regardless of the size of your organisation, effective collaboration and communication via a well-executed intranet will:

  • Streamline​ your organisation's processes and drive operational efficiencies
  • Significantly reduce the cost of your organisation functions
  • Enhance communications and collaboration between your indoor and outdoor employees, management, citizens and partners
  • Improve your ability to meet compliance requirements


The modern intranet is changing the way that organisations conduct work, providing them with operational support, employee profiling, transparency and collaboration abilities that they did not have before. An intranet also provides you with an easy way to decentralise contribution of knowledge within the organisation whilst centralising control over the publication and distribution of this information. Multiple users can collaborate on the same piece of content and then before it is published it can be controlled through an approval process.

defiNET is an intranet accelerator solution built on SharePoint.With SharePoint very quickly gaining market share as an intranet platform more and more organisations are turning to SharePoint to provide their intranet solution.

Why defiNet?

Developed by Definiti, defiNET leverages our experience in developing many SharePoint intranet applications for organisations across several market verticals. Our experience with the development of these intranet applications has provided some valuable insights into functionality that is common to all of these solutions.

Definiti has validated this insight through extensive research into the most important requirements that an intranet should have. This research included Case Studies and analysis of multiple intranets ranging from 20 to 20,000 employees and spread across many industry verticals.

We have taken this insight and created:

defiNET is an intranet accelerator solution built on SharePoint.
DefiNET creates business value by connecting people across your organisation to information and data. This information and data may be stored in a variety of line-of-business (LOB) systems or as documents and discussions on your intranet. DefiNET will also help automate and extend important business processes across the organisation. This will result in increased user productivity and efficiency, more effective cross-team collaboration, improved organisation processes, and more.

DefiNET can be hosted either on premise, in CSA's private cloud environment (RedSky) or in Microsoft's Office 365 cloud.

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