Definiti seeks to help our clients to realise business improvements and increased productivity through both custom solutions and through packaged solutions. To do things such as helping organisations collaborate and communicate via an intranet, or retaining their expert's knowledge, or helping clubs to manage their cash, Definiti has developed unique software products.

Definiti's customers benefit from our products as they deliver faster results, better value and reduced risk.

Definiti has also developed software applications for its clients to on-sell as part of their  product portfolio.

Take a look at our listed products, or contact us to find out how we can help you to benefit from our solutions and products too.           ​​

  • ZAMBEZY™ - true intranet accelerator, offers an accelerated path to productivity gain and smarter collaboration. 

  • A-Drive - A-Drive captures audit information for users accessing the RMS' Drives database.

  • BIP - Assists organisation manage initiative for business improvement whether they are process improvement or new products /services.

  • Bottle It - assists organisations with Knowledge Management and an ageing and transient workforce – turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

  • Cash Manager - addresses the needs of cash management in recreational Clubs.

  • RAMS - Research Animal Management System used to manage the supply and holding of animals, drugs and general items to researchers.