CASH Manager

Organisations in the Hospitality, Events Management and Gaming Industries handle a lot of cash. Accurate and reliable accounting for floats and takings is important if the organisation is to retain the value generated by its activities.  CASH Manager is a proven solution that has been addressing the needs of cash management in recreational Clubs across NSW and QLD for more than 10 years.

CASH Manager is a flexible and versatile solution that enables auditable strict monitoring and reconciliation practices to be implemented in order to control processes such as Strong Room processing, till processing, cash banking, non-cash banking, reporting of General Ledger Journals and analysis reporting. CASH Manager increases the efficiencies of these processes, improves financial controls and provides finance managers with the assurance that cash is being managed effectively within their organisation.

Organisations that use CASH Manager enjoy the benefits of:

  •     Increased financial control by fully monitoring the movement of all cash.
  •     Increased security controls by knowing where their cash is at all times.
  •     Increased manageability by analysing the key performance indicators of the organisation.
  •     Reduced operating costs.

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Very quickly we realised that CASH Manager was creating efficiencies we had previously not know were possible. It also exports its transactions to our General Ledger every day, saving us the laborious task of re-keying them.

Over the years we have added two further clubs to our group and have installed CASH Manager at both of them. Definiti has always conducted themselves professionals and have provided us with immediate, effective support whenever we have needed them. The longevity of CASH Manager is proof that it is flexible, reliable software.

Judy Stevens
Chief Finance Manager
Canterbury League Club

​North Sydney Leagues Club evaluated CASH Manger in 2009 on recommendation from another leading Sydney club. While our Excel spreadsheet system got the job done, there was no audit trailing, too much manual re-keying and we could never be really certain of how much cash on hand we actually had. CASH Manager sorted these issues out completely.
CASH Manager’s audit trailing means that there is now a transparency to everything that is done which assists in the faster detection of errors and gives us peace of mind. We even have CASH Manager reporting directly to our Microsoft Dynamics GP finance system at both clubs.
Grant Imeson
Chief Finance Manager
North Sydney Leagues Club