A Drive


BROCHURE - A-Drive.pdf

What is it?

Organisations using the Roads and Maritime Services' (RMS) DRIVES database are required as part of their user agreement to record the reasons why their employees are accessing information from the database. Failure to do so will result in the RMS revoking privileges to DRIVES.

In order to maintain compliance with this agreement, many organisations use paper based form or electronic document to capture dates and times of a user accessing DRIVES along with the reasons why. Collating all of these forms together for the RMA's audit checks is time consuming and can result in a mismatch of information if forms go missing, jeopardising the organisation's access privileges.

a-drive is a solution which provides access to the DRIVES database whilst capturing the required information each time a user performs a search. All information is stored in a central repository with reporting access provided to administrators allowing them to quickly generate an audit report satisfying the RMS's audit requirements.

Key Benefits

a-drive is a software solution that:

  • Automatically keeps a log of who used a-drive access the DRIVES database, when they accessed it and the reason why. No more toggling between the DRIVES application and electronic documents for paper forms to capture this information.
  • Provides accurate audit reporting in a timely fashion.
  • Allows administrators manage users accessing a-drive and the DRIVES database.