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SharePoint for Business Solutions

The ability of your organisation to respond to its business needs is influenced by how well it manages its information. The challenges are common to most organisations.

Firstly you need to capture and store relevant knowledge. Knowledge may be contained in documents such as policies, technical designs or templates. Then you need to provide appropriate access to that knowledge.

Your users won't be slow to remind you that any system you provide must be intuitive to use. So you'll need to encourage their  adoption of your knowledge bases. This can be achieved through using domain relevant classifications, leveraging user interface interactions that they are already familiar with, and providing an effective search facility.  

Of course you will need to minimise any risks associated with that knowledge. This may mean that you have to set up approval processes so that accountability for the accuracy and the quality of the information may be apportioned.

You will need to provide teams, either permanent or project teams, with workspaces through which they can collaborate. Such workspaces may also become the definitive source of operational information that will help the team to be optimally productive.

SharePoint is a software platform that provides the building blocks from which business solutions can be implemented to tackle these challenges. 

SharePoint integrates natively with the Microsoft Office suite. Your users are likely to be familiar with how to operate applications such as WORD and EXCEL to compose documents. They will notice how the user interface norms extend through to how they operate applications built on the SharePoint platform. This goes a long way towards ticking the 'easy-to-use' box.  

Using SharePoint, we have experience of building real-world business solutions, such as those listed below, that address these challenges. They have provided our customers with resilient solutions from which they have reaped benefits.

  • Document Management Solutions

  • Content Management and Search solutions for Intranets, Extranets and Public Websites

  • Workspace and Management Portals for Teams or Projects

  • Customer Portals

  • Board Paper Management Portals

  • Subject Matter Expert Knowledge Capture Systems

If you require assistance with any of these solution areas, or you want to know how SharePoint may contribute towards your organisations success, please contact us.

defiNET - the turnkey intranet solutionOf course we also use SharePoint in our products too. Our defiNET solution can provide you with a core intranet based on SharePoint, which we can extend to meet your specific individual needs.