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Business Intelligence

Definiti’s is committed to providing a first class Business Intelligence service by leveraging uniquely talented consultants and implementing the ‘best-of-breed’ BI platforms.

We are committed to quality, long term relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our success is our ability to focus purely on what our customer requires today and providing insight and direction for tomorrow. Through proven Agile/iterative implementation methodologies, prototyping, sound architecture, best practice tools and providing ongoing improvement programs, Definiti is dedicated to providing quality end-to-end solutions and ongoing support.

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The right BI solution provides companies with immediate transparency and insight into the business. This in turn leads to a logical and necessary step towards the following concepts

Operational Excellence

Stressing a need for continual improvement, Definiti BI has adopted the concept that “if you do not measure than you cannot improve”. Definiti can assist in defining and implementing KPI and key metrics to provide a solid baseline for Operational Excellence in your business.

Performance Management

By using quick and simple performance monitoring and variance analysis tools, Definiti BI can provide valuable insight into why or why not a certain aspect of your business is running well.

​Decision Support

A streamlined BI solution is an integral component of any optimal decision making process. Definiti BI provides tools consisting of “what-if” analysis and interactive dashboards to easily identify business trends.

Governance & Compliance

All too often companies spend large amounts of time and effort providing information to auditors. With information at your fingertips, financials, risk and other compliance information can be automated to allow employees to focus on the real job at hand. 

With solid BI solutions in place, CFO’s and CRO’s are able to confidently report on corporate activity in a controlled and timely manner.


If you require any assistance with the following please contact us:


  • BI Health Checks & Assessments
  • Data Mart & Data Warehouse Design
  • Data ETL Design & Development
  • BI Solution Delivery & Support
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Cube, OLAP and Report Design and Development
  • Self-Service BI Solutions
  • KPI Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Portals & Collaboration
  • Mobile BI Solutions