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Hospitality and Tourism

Whilst the image of the tourism industry is one of fun, relaxation and memorable moments, behind the scenes it is actually engaged in a highly competitive market. Destinations looking to attract visitors need deliciously tempting websites and the ability to keep them fresh and vibrant. Definiti has successfully implemented SharePoint for a number of tourism organisations to give them web sites that not only look stunning but enables them to keep them up to date and relevant.


Next time you’re enjoying a visit to a Club in New South Wales to enjoy a meal, a drink or a show, your hosts who operate the Club may well be using Definiti’s Cash Manager system to help them look after the cash and other transactions. Cash Manager is being successfully used by dozens of clubs and provides them with superior control over the money that is used within the club and banking transactions.

Solutions Sample 


    Technologies used include:

    • SharePoint 2010