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Definiti launches Bottle It

Definiti launches Bottle It to assist organisations with Knowledge Management and an ageing and transient workforce – turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

Bottle-It StoryOften the most important and valuable asset that an organisation has is the knowledge that certain members of its staff have about the domain in which the organisation operates.

Such knowledge can be what distinguishes an organisation from its competitors.

Yet that knowledge can simply walk out of the door when certain staff members leave the organisation, either through retirement or change of employer.

Now, whilst a system will never fully compensate for the loss of that domain knowledge, it can mitigate against the impact.

Bottle It captures the valuable domain knowledge that your subject matter experts have gained and makes it available and searchable for others.

So if you notice that some of your 'experts' are fast approaching retirement age then take action whilst you can - Bottle It!


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