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People and Values


At Definiti, we are creating a centre of excellence based around the skills and experience of our staff, a commitment to quality outcomes, the use of high quality products from leading vendors, and a work environment to be proud of. The result is to enable our customers and staff to achieve success.

The following principles are what guide us:

  • We believe that our uncompromising integrity earns us the trust that our customers, business partners and colleagues bestow on us.
  • We know that our success is nested within our customer’s success. Our customers have come to enjoy the loyalty and exceptional commitment that we demonstrate in helping them to achieving their success.
  • We assert that mutual respect and caring are essential to foster productive teamwork
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and excellence, and we desire to use this to achieve positive outcomes for people and organisations.  
  • We encourage people to strive to realise their personal potential and we facilitate them as they do so through mentoring, training and certification programs.     
  • We recognise that whilst work is an important part of life, there are other parts. We commend a balanced lifestyle for our employees.


We know that our commitment to these principles is why we attract exceptionally talented people to join and stay with Definiti. These talented people are instrumental to how we continue to deliver successful outcomes for our customers. When we achieve success, we believe in celebrating it with our team and our customers.


Infinite Possibilities, Definite Results !!