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Our Approach


At Definiti we love developing solutions that matter – whether they be software applications that drive core business processes - or user intuitive solutions that realise business opportunity. But such solutions don’t happen by chance. They require expertise. Definiti masters the art of bringing together expertise from multiple specialists to develop our solutions. We mix

  • strong leadership and co-ordination from our experienced project managers;
  • business innovation and well-articulated specifications from our senior analysts;
  • suitable technology selection and innovative design from our solution architects and
  • concise and efficient software, assured quality and deployment from our development teams. 

Combined through excellent teamwork Definiti is able to deliver outstanding high quality results.   


Through our experience of developing commercial strength solutions we’ve found that software applications slot into productive use best when their requirements definitions are accurate and when they have been refined through rigorous testing. These qualities are important parts of our project process and development methodology, which is based on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Our methodology provides a resilient framework within which flair, innovation and agile development can flourish whilst risk is managed.  It has three main focus areas, these being; People, Process and Technology. 

          • People - We employ talented people who are certified and competent and we vest accountability in them.
      • Process - We have a project process that streamlines progress through the Analyse-Design-Build-Implement-Support phases of a development. We have defined templates, frameworks and methods so that best engineering practices may be followed and we’ve invested in systems to streamline processes.
    • Technology - We choose and use reliable and resilient technologies so that our customers may benefit from risk-tolerant software solutions.   


We foster a culture that seeks and recognises excellence, we have a thirst for knowledge and we celebrate our customers’ and our own successes.


Infinite Possibilities, Definite Results !!